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How to Remember Names

Tips for Remembering Names by Memory Expert, Chester Santos

1) As soon as someone introduces themself to you, immediately repeat their name. Nice to meet you, Jack. That's it. Very simple. It may seem obvious, but most of the time when we are introduced to someone, our mind is on all sorts of things other than the person's name and we pay no attention to it.  This first step forces you to pay attention for at least one second to the name in order to repeat it.

2) Ask the person a question using their name.  Jack, how do you know Chester? Or...Jack, how long have you been with this company? Using the name just one time early on in the interaction will help to better cement the name in your mind. There is no need to make things awkward by continuosly repeating the name. :)

3) Take a few seconds to think of a connection between the person's name and literally anything at all that you already know.  Jack might make you think of Jack Nicholson or Jack in the Box. This should take you a few seconds or less and will really help to solidify the name in your memory.

4) Make one last effort to use the name when saying goodbye. Something like, "Hope to see you again sometime, Jack", should suffice. That extra effort to use the name at the end of the interaction will give you a better chance to rememeber a person's name long term.

These tips alone will help you quite a lot to remember names.  However, you can become a master at rememering names if you also learn visual based techniques. For this type of fun and interactive traning, be sure to check out the Memory School link above or just go directly to

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