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Chester Santos has spent years developing and fine-tuning memory training products that are perfect for students, busy professionals, retirees, or anyone else who would like to reap the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind.  You will find Chester's instruction to be fun, entertaining, and interactive in nature.  The audio/web course in this store is unique and not offered anywhere else in the country, and you will be receiving instruction from a world-class memory expert who has helped thousands of people all over the world.  If you would truly like to improve your memory and mental fitness, then invest in Chester's training today.  This Memory Fun 101 course is guaranteed to improve your memory, or your money back!

Memory Fun 101 - Memory Improvement Course (Audio/Web Version) - 4 Class Sessions

Prerequisites: None

Delivery method: 4 Different Instant MP3 File Downloads & Website Access

Cost: $250
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Chester's complete memory training course consists of the 4 different class sessions described below.  Complete all 4 class sessions and you will change your life forever!  A course like this cannot be found anywhere else!  If you are serious about improving your memory and the strength of your mind, purchase this life-changing course TODAY.

Memory Fun 101 - Session #1: Memory Fundamentals (Audio/Web Session)

Prerequisites: None

Delivery method: Instant MP3 File Download & Website Access

In this fun and entertaining introductory session, Chester will teach you the basics of memory improvement.  You will learn a number of memory boosting methods that will exercise your imagination and awaken your creativity.  You'll be shown how to utilize both sides of your brain in order to make information stick and become unforgettable.  Students will participate in enjoyable exercises and will actually be able to feel their memories improving throughout the session.  After completing this class, students will have sharper minds and a solid foundation in exercises and techniques that will benefit them throughout their lives.  Given that we are living in the Information Age, with the demands on our minds to digest and absorb information being greater than ever, this is a class that no one can afford to miss! 

Memory Fun 101 - Session #2: Number Memory (Audio/WebSession)

Prerequisites: None, but Memory Fundamentals is highly recommended

Delivery method: Instant MP3 File Download & Website Access

We are faced with the need to remember information that includes numbers all the time: phone numbers, dates, addresses, passwords, prices, formulas, figures, etc..  In this session, you will have a great time while Chester teaches you to quickly and easily file numbers into your brain for instant recall whenever you need them.  Students will participate in fun exercises that will have them seeing numbers in a whole new light.  You will complete this class with a dramatically improved memory for numbers and a new appreciation for the awesome power of your brain.

Memory Fun 101 - Session #3: Names & Faces (Audio/WebSession)

Prerequisites: None, but Memory Fundamentals is recommended

Delivery method: Instant MP3 File Download & Website Access

This is a one of a kind class session that you cannot find anywhere else!  In this intensive class, Chester will teach and train you in the most effective and easy to learn methods for remembering names.  While participating in fun exercises involving actual names & faces, students will notice their memory improving dramatically throughout the class.  The ability to remember the names of clients, customers, and anyone else that you meet, is priceless.  When you complete this class session, you will have an invaluable skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life!

Memory Fun 101 - Session #4: Speeches, Foreign Languages, and College Course Material (Audio/WebSession)

Prerequisites: Memory Fundamentals

Delivery method: Instant MP3 File Download & Website Access

In this session, Chester will teach and train you to apply the skills that you learned in Memory Fundamentals, to quickly and easily memorize and learn speeches, foreign languages, and various types of college course material.  During this class, students will participate in fun exercises and in the process will master a real speech, 20 Korean words and their meaning, and 10 concepts from a college course.  You will be amazed with how fast you are able to learn the material, and will leave with a clear understanding of how your new skills can be applied to rapidly learning ANY speech, foreign language, or college course material.  Now, more than any other time in history, knowledge truly is power.  After completing this class, you will have the power and ability to truly improve your life! 



***New in 2019*** Chester Santos is proud to announce his brand new Memory School! Now you can receive training from Chester via high-definition video tutorials! Visit the Memory School webiste here: MEMORY SCHOOL


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